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Social Studies

Curriculum Overview

Grade 6 - Ancient History

Ancient History introduces sixth grade students to a chronological, cross-cultural survey of the historical and cultural experiences of humankind. The course begins with a brief introduction to understanding history. Students then use the disciplines of archaeology and anthropology to learn about prehistoric peoples. This is followed by an examination of various ancient civilizations. Students will be comparing philosophies, lifestyles, and values of the past civilizations with their own. In doing this, they will continue to develop and refine critical thinking, organization, research, and writing skills.

Grade 7 - World Geography

The seventh grade Geography program at Miles River offers our next generation of global citizens a solid base of information about the earth and its connections to the people, animals and plants that depend upon it. This course prepares students to be knowledgeable, rational and participating citizens in an increasingly interdependent world. Students will become familiar with important land and water features as well as the cultures and lives of people living in the major regions/countries around the world.

Geography teaches a respect for all of the world's peoples, and their unique cultures and values. It reaffirms that we are all dependent on our planet and that we must become aware and actively involved in protecting its natural resources and life sustaining abilities. Geography is a subject which is interdisciplinary at its core. It finds connections to the concepts of science and environmental studies, history and politics, economics and the humanities. Geography bridges the gap between these different subjects as well the study of local, national and international topics.

Geography teaches students important skills. Students learn to read maps and interpret information. They gain a "mental map" of where important places in the world are located. They are able to use data from maps, tables, graphs, and text to recognize patterns and solve problems. Students will become aware of major worldwide events and understand the cause and effect relationships that have influenced their evolution. Students will also learn proper research methods using a variety of resources.

Grade 8 - Civics

The eighth grade civics program at Miles River offers our next generation of citizens the basic content about government and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. This course prepares students to be knowledgeable, rational and participating citizens committed to the values and principles of American constitutional democracy. Students are expected to stay informed on current events and to evaluate, take and defend positions on timely issues practicing civility and manners in role playing, debates and discussions. Civics teaches the skills students will need to make their ideas reasoned and their voices heard:

  • the basic skills of reading and writing, listening and public speaking;
  • the thinking skills of coming up with new ideas, decision making, problem solving and reasoning;
  • the personal qualities of responsibility, self esteem, group cooperation, self-management and integrity and honesty.


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