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School News

High School Musical: Freaky Friday, Dec. 8, 9, 10
Jennifer Caufield

The HWRHS Theatre Department will be performing the new musical Freaky Friday, on December 8, 9, and 10 @ 6:30 pm, in the Ferrini Dramatics Center (775 Bay Rd. South Hamilton, MA). Come out and support our cast and crew! Tickets will be available at the door - $10 for students/staff and $15 for the general public, cash or check only.

Congratulations to Hamilton-Wenham Musicians
Jennifer Caufield

On Saturday, Nov. 19th members of the Hamilton-Wenham Concert Band traveled to North Andover to audition for Senior Districts. Maya Beach, Ephram Adler, and Aeneas Strozier were selected to participate in districts. In addition to this accomplishment, both Ephram and Aeneas have been asked to audition for All-states in a few weeks. We have some remarkable talented musicians in the HWRSD!

Thank you HW Community!
Jennifer Caufield

The annual Stuff-a-Cruiser event at the High School was a huge success again this year thanks to the community's generosity. The event generated over 300 toys for the Shriner’s Hospital for Children and local families in need this holiday season. Thank you for everyone's support!

Come Join the Ping Pong Club!
Jennifer Caufield

The newly formed Ping Pong Club has been meeting every Tuesday after school in the cafeteria. All levels of play have been welcomed and the group is led by David Young and Jadon Wang. As the fall sports season has come to a close, we would welcome any new members.

photo of students making a cup pyramid listing stressors
Jennifer Caufield

This semester the High School Wellness Education classes discussed Mental Illness and depression. Together with the High School counselors, we were allowed to showcase and identify all the mental health support staff that students have in the building, including their classroom teachers, wellness teachers, guidance counselors, adjustment counselors, school nurses, and administrators. Learn more HERE


Our guest speaker from The Nan Project will spend 2 days with our students and this greatly adds to our curriculum by promoting mental health awareness and suicide prevention for young people, using a peer-to-peer model and their success stories. 

The ninth graders learned about the various levels of stress and the warning signs of depression. They had the opportunity to identify their own personal coping skills. The students researched and created a digital presentation of a mental health topic. The presentation contained 5 concrete facts that are helpful for teenagers to understand about mental illness.

a slide about PTSD
slide about PTSD

With our twelfth-grade students, we attempted a different approach to discussing stress and depression. The students learned how happiness can support their mental health. They assessed their own level of happiness and were taught self-management skills that focus on actions and behaviors to take in order to be responsible for their own health. Then, students created a digital poster for freshmen with some helpful mental health advice “HOW TO SURVIVE HIGH SCHOOL.”

Graphic titled " how to best withstand the stress of High School"

We have been pleasantly surprised with the Mental Health knowledge base that our students currently possess, and we are encouraged to see many of them utilizing many of the channels and support that our schools have to offer. Together with you the parents, we will continue to educate and support the mental health needs of the students of the Hamilton/Wenham Regional High School. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your child's Wellness teacher.

Environmental & Social Justice Club - Thrift Fest 2022
Jennifer Caufield

The high school Environmental Club and Social Justice Clubs joined forces to organize a thrift event to raise awareness about the impact of fast fashion on both human rights and the environment. Throughout the month of October, high school students were encouraged to clean out their closets and drop off any clothing donations. Once the donations were sorted by item and size, club members set up Thrift Fest 2022. After school on Wednesday, November 9th, and during powerblock the following day, students were invited to shop filling either a $5 or $10 bag with new-to-them clothing items.

Thrift Fest 2022 raised $460. to donate to Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE), a neighborhood-based, environmental justice, and transit-oriented development nonprofit in Boston. In addition to donating the money raised from this event, several boxes of the remaining clothing items will be donated to Beverly Bootstraps.