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Fine Arts

Performance of a play

Fine Arte Department Blog 

The Hamilton-Wenham Regional School community strives to create a passion for learning in a reflective environment that promotes respect, individuality, and quality achievement.

The mission of the Fine Arts program at Hamilton-Wenham Regional Middle/High School is to provide opportunities for each student to grow through the arts. The Fine Arts Department will provide equitable, comprehensive and sequential opportunities in the arts in an environment where collaborative experiences take place.

Fine Arts courses are designed to foster student exploration, expression, interaction, and understanding. The program seeks to help students understand themselves as part of a community wherein artistic expression is evolving. Teachers challenge students to achieve at their highest level possible by addressing multiple learning styles through varied instruction. These artistically rigorous courses ensure that students can achieve beyond their own expectations. Through artistic exploration, students learn to understand the task of caring for oneself and others. They learn the value of reflection, commitment, persistence, curiosity, and self- discipline, while pursuing a life-long relationship with diverse thoughts and practices.

The Fine Arts Department encompasses four artistic areas; The Dramatic Arts, The Performing Arts, The Visual Arts and New Media. The elective courses are recommended for all students and are designed to allow students to explore a variety of avenues for effective self-expression. The courses offer opportunities for students to gain the essential skills and knowledge that will allow them to participate in or interact with the arts throughout their lives.



Leslie Bynum

Titles: Fine Arts

Courtney Cooney

Titles: Fine Arts

Erik Fecke

Titles: Performing Arts, Band Director

Gail Lake

Titles: LTS Fine Arts

Andrew Lease

Titles: Performing Arts

Katie Simko

Titles: Performing Arts, Chorus Director